Protective Services

Our protection services encompass the protection of individuals as well as events.

At times when private individuals require or request a discreet protective detail, we offer custom solutions that are effective in protection yet unobtrusive in the individuals day to day movement.  We also offer protective services to family members of the designated protectee.  These services often include motor vehicle transport and security overlays to their normal day to day living.  We can also work with or coordinate the use of special transportation resources such as maritime and aviation components.  Security agents and vehicles are equipped with the necessary training and tools clients would expect high end security personnel to possess.

 Special events such as private events or parties, movie screenings, film/tv location filming and award banquets often require a custom, blended approach to an effective security plan.  We are adept at providing such layers to give peace of mind to guests while displaying a professional yet effective ring of security to those that are aware of it.  There are also measures taken that guests or attendees have no awareness of, essentially an “invisible” layer of security.

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